Find us at:Light DC - Phoenix - The Lavender Beds - Ward 8 - Plot 28

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In a fit of rage, Rakuyo Khatayn, sick and tired of Guy Guy's memes, and haunted by the sound of people singing Happy Birthday, sets alight the Encore house. The smell of burning wood is fueled heavily by the expensive collection of alcohol from the Encore bar. Having to cash out their life's savings on renovating the Encore house, Puchi and Guy Guy pass out from exhaustion, leaving partygoers and stragglers of the night to fend for themselves. Chaos and anarchy ensue... What will become of Encore?

💀 New Encore, No Rules

Long gone are the days of being told off for having your weapon or minion out. There are NO RULES. (Apart from the FFXIV ToS, of course...)

🍹 Shiny New Menu

After Rakuyo destroyed Encore's entire inventory, our bartenders have been hard at work, trying to recover what is left of the bar. Click here to see our new and updated menu.

😈 Bartenders Unleashed

Jumping at the chance to misbehave, bartenders Emma and Jaime have commandeered the bar, and have decided to monopolise on alcohol sales. How much will you be spending at the bar? Can't pay up? Be prepared to gamble your way out in our high-stakes mini-games.

🎵 Guest Performances

  • 6:00PM ST - berry-san


  • 7:00PM ST - SOMNA


  • Illustration

    9:00PM ST - Sea Walker


  • 10:30PM ST - XOVR


  • 12:00AM ST - A'ley Bristanne


  • 1:30AM ST - Astromancy


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Encore is proud to be the home of Apple-Crash champions: Guy Guy, Puchi Mi, Drackard, and Jean Pendragon.